The voice of Holland: I did it

My The voice of Holland adventure has come to an end, and all I can say is: I did it!

Those darned four chairs did not turn around for me, but I am still so proud of myself and how far I got.

Before even getting to the blind audition, there are so many audition rounds and hurdles to jump over.

I set out to do it for one reason: to do it. I just wanted to experience it, to see how far I got and hopefully feel what it was like to stand on that stage, looking at the backs of those chairs and the people in the audience.

To see if I’d perform under that kind of pressure. To feel the adrenaline and keep it under control. To be a part of such a big production.

To promote my album, and to tell my story, hopefully inspiring others.

As I said on the show, by participating I feel like I’ve already won!



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